Monday, July 17, 2017

Everything New


 This is Fiasp. Fiasp and I will be hanging out for 4,500 units over the course of the number of days it takes to go through that,& maybe more.

We went to FFL 2017 and had a good time. My eyes are pristine despite the last horrid a1c and actually better then last year and I got a Dr Ben hug and all is right in the Universe. I finally have the courage to go to JH Wilmer Eye & move on from my joke of an opthamologist. I am good. I am thriving. And I deserve someone who I like, or at least, do not hate. In five years I may be eligible for replacement cataract lens surgeries because new technology will be there,& I wouldn't have to wear glasses at all. It would improve my vision as well and I am still a good candidate at 35-40. That is part of why I love Dr Ben, nobody else is telling me stuff like this. Nobody else gives out hope and hugs.

I graduated nursing school & have spent many hours trying to get accommodations to take the NCLEX. Literally everyone everywhere will be an RN before me. But hopefully, I should be able to schedule for early August and be officially Nurse Heidi.

I had a stress test & Im assuming it's ok, because I haven't heard about it in 5 weeks..but the results also could have never been sent. Endo appt. on Wed. I will get an "official" a1c for her which will be about 1.0 points lower then the a1c now I did in May. Still higher but I'm working on it, with the help of my new insulin.

Friday, January 27, 2017

2017: On the Brink of Beyond.

2017 feels like December 31 @11:59.59 pm.

We are waiting. Waiting on a new administration, waiting through upheaval in the streets and riots and the perfect fear of the unknown. Waiting on an ACA replacement. Waiting is not easy.

We are waiting on 2018, when actual real live commercial "Artificial Pancreas" systems will hit the shelves and maybe maybe maybe anyone with insurance can get one. Without insurance your options are still non existent. Many,many people need these...they will save lives and improve a1cs and cut complications and make a lot of people functional & "compliant"for the first time ever. While we wait, there is Nightscout and hackers/developers who build their own closed loop rigs and make the rest of us more then a little bit jealous. We needed these systems approved yesterday. From the early days of research (Minimed Guardian RT,anyone?) to
the here and now, AP research has progressed by leaps and bounds.(that's been just 10 years,FTR) After 18 years with the D I'm still not a whiz at this.(as evidenced by the fact that I stay alive but not much else. My Endo has stopped being surprised.) We are waiting to beat that A1c into submission.

We are waiting on May 25, graduate from nursing school.(Me: RN?!?) It feels like an impossible dream and even more so that I'm one of 4 still in the honors society. You may fully expect me to bawl like a baby if it ever happens. I guess I need to start working on a plan for post graduation.

We are waiting on the 5 year old to start Kindergarten in the fall. Expect me to bawl then as well. I never knew a small human more cute,& more insistent on his own ways & possibly why my own hair will gray prematurily.

It's going to be a difficult year in some ways but I hope that for most of us, it won't feel like the emotional dump that was 2016.